One-to-one drum lessons in East Dulwich

Stefan Hale from Drums and Percussion has taught many people of all ages to play the drums. His one-to-one drum lessons are exceptional. 

Lesson testimonials

 "I hadn't touched a drum kit for over 3 years. I had a clear goal, to play with my family band by Christmas. Stefan helped me achieve it. Thanks to his targeted practicing tips and attention to detail, I built up my confidence again within weeks. I kept setting myself faster and more complicated tunes and Stefan was patient and flexible enough to support my self-inflicted curriculum! I am now back on track to simply have fun playing along to some awesome tunes. Professional service with a smile, that's what you get from Stefan's one-to-one classes - highly recommended!"

"As a novice starting out, Stefan shows great patience with me, is thorough in his approach and has such an easy going demeanor it's impossible not to enjoy lessons. I would thoroughly recommend him to any one wanting to learn the drums."

"Thanks to Stef's relaxed approach (and his fantastic drum kit), my 10 year old son's drum lessons with Stef are the high point of his week. And Stef's a great teacher - he allows his students to define their goals and helps them achieve them. My son's making great progress."

"Max (age 12) says learning to play the drums with Stefan is 'fun and relaxing' and after only 6 months of lessons is ready to take his first rockschool graded exam." 

"My son has recently started taking lessons with Stefan and is enjoying them hugely. There is no question of forcing him to practice and he seems to be improving fast." 
One-to-one drum lessons
To experience one-to-one drum lessons with Stefan Hale. Contact Drums and Percussion. Call 07740 871 495 or text "LESSON" for a call back

Session testimonials

"Stefan is the best session drummer you could hope for. He learned his parts to perfection."

"I had the chance to play with Stefan at a festival in London. He was great to work with and had a wonderful attitude since the beginning. He even helped me find another player for the same gig. Professional, prepared, proactive, good listener, and very easy to be around, which is always a plus!" 
Jade Giorno

"Stef helped us (Colors) on MCM Expo 2012, as a supporting Drummer. He managed to learn all the tracks in a week, and performed brilliantly! He is a powerful and tight drummer, and looking forward to working with him again soon!!" 

"A really dynamic and creative drummer, Stef is capable of almost any drumming style known to man, bringing both propulsion and precision to our live shows."
Not The Future

"Stefan Hale is a drummer that is extremely talented. When he played with us The Gyro (a 4 piece funk band) he learnt all our tracks quickly and tied everything together perfectly. His drumming technique was amazing, perfect timing, he's a seriously gifted drummer."
The Gyro

"Stefan played for Halo as a session drummer at extremely short notice, indeed five days before we launched our EP Nights And Days. Basically he learnt and performed the entire set of songs faultlessly, and further became a session drummer for the band. I would have no hesitation in using his obvious skills and talents." 

"We hired Stef to play a gig at late notice; imitating the beat on our songs perfectly as requested with no fuss and only one practice. Professional and punctual, young-looking, so fitted in well with the band. I would not hesitate to use Stef again."
Talkin’ Beeches

"I met Stefan about a year ago. I've been around enough to know that when you've got the writing, and the recording and the live show to worry about you need the best people in your corner. Every time he plays a tune, he nails it to a t-bone steak." 
The Pterodactyls
Play the drums
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